How To Delete Music From Samsung Galaxy Watch [Solved] 2022

Follow the steps below to delete music files from your Samsung Galaxy Watch;

  • On your Samsung Galaxy Watch, open the Music Player App
  • Here, you have to change the music source to Gear by tapping the white mobile phone icon on the screen
  • Now, open the Music Library by swiping up from the bottom of your Galaxy Watch screen
  • Tap “Tracks
  • Locate the track you wish to delete and press the three dots at the side
  • From the menu, select “Delete.

Any music file you select following this procedure will be deleted. This process is permanent and can not be reversed. That is, you will be unable to recover music files after you delete them from your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Irrespective of how many music tracks you wish to delete from your Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can use this method to get around it easily. The only issue is that it might take a lot of time to delete hundreds of tracks using this method.

If you probably want to delete all the offline tracks on your Galaxy Watch, you can do so by tapping the zero icon at the top of the screen after pressing delete. The zero icon functions as “Select All.” Once you press it, all music files will be selected.

After selecting all, simply press the bin icon on one corner of your Watch, and all selected items will be deleted. However, it might take a little while to delete these tracks, depending on how large they are.

How do I delete apps from Samsung Galaxy Watch?

Asides from music and other files, you can also delete applications from your Samsung Galaxy Watch. This is quite easy to do but is different from the process of deleting music tracks from your Watch.

If there is an app on your Galaxy Watch, which you feel serves no purpose, then you can get rid of it to save space. However, you will need to have the Galaxy Wearable app installed on your phone before you can do this.

In fact, the whole procedure will be done on your phone, where you have the Galaxy Wearable app installed. There is no option on the Samsung Galaxy Watch that allows users to delete applications from time to time.

To delete an app from your Samsung Galaxy Watch, follow the procedure below;

  • On your phone, open the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app
  • Scroll down and select “Apps.”
  • Scroll down and select the app you wish to delete from your Galaxy Watch
  • When you tap the card, simply tap “UNINSTALL.
  • Confirm, and the app will be deleted from your Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you wish to delete multiple apps from your Galaxy Watch, just click the three dots at the top right corner of the screen and tap “Uninstall” from the menu. By doing this, you will be able to select the apps you wish to delete.

Please bear in mind that you can not delete apps that come built-in with your Samsung Watch. These apps include Music, Settings, and Galaxy Apps. You can only delete third-party apps you have installed on the Watch yourself.

Can I delete applications directly on my Galaxy Watch?

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy Watch does not have a feature that allows users to delete apps directly on their Watch. Before you can delete an application on your Watch, you need to use the Galaxy Wearable app on your Samsung phone.

When you get a Samsung Watch, you should install the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app on your device so you can connect all other devices to it. You can only delete apps from the wearable app and not from the Watch itself.

However, you can delete music files on your Galaxy Watch directly instead of doing it on your Galaxy Wearable app. Also, remember that any app or music you delete from your Watch can not be recovered any longer.

How do I control music on my Galaxy Watch?

You can manage the music on your Samsung Galaxy Watch without even connecting it to your device. All you have to do is open the Music app on your Galaxy Watch. This is where you can play, pause or even delete music from your Watch.

When you open the Music app, if you see a watch icon on the music player, tap it, so it changes to a phone icon. Next, press the three vertical dots to bring up more options. Open the Music player from the options.

In this window, you can scroll through your audio apps and tap the one you wish to control. If you have just received a music track, this is where you will also find it. To delete music files on your Watch, follow the procedure I explained earlier.

How do I delete pictures from my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

If you have pictures on your Galaxy Watch and you wish to delete them, you can do so on the Watch rather than doing it on the Wearable app. To delete pictures on your Galaxy Watch, follow the procedure below;

  • On your Galaxy Watch, press the Home Key, which is also the Power Key. This will turn your Watch on
  • When your Watch is on, navigate to and open Gallery
  • At the top right of the Watch, tap the three vertical dots to open “More options.
  • From More options, select “Delete.” You will be allowed to select as many pictures you wish to delete
  • After selecting them, tap “Delete.”

Wrapping Up

Basically, the only deletion procedure on your Galaxy Watch that mandates you to have the Galaxy Wearable app installed on your phone is app deletion. Samsung does not allow users to delete apps directly from the Galaxy Watch.

However, if you wish to delete music files, pictures, or any other thing asides from applications, you can easily do that on your Galaxy Watch. I hope this piece has helped answer your questions.

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